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This is a summary of my most recent stuff. I think some all? This comic is one of my favorites, maybe because I’ve spent way too much time in the dating scene. I created this around Halloween. I drew most of the material in this, except the pictures of the Yak and the chainsaw I found through google images. Ironically, I have no beard. This didn’t stop me from encouraging everyone else to grow one. After beards I moved onto cats, starting with skitters and then progressing to this guide:

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Since , Sugar Free Mom has become the most popular sugar-free source on the web today. Brenda’s readers can identify with her as her own children have tree nut, peanut, and soy allergies and she has a gluten and dairy intolerance.

Patent 1, , covered the basic function of the device used at Wardenclyffe. Origins[ edit ] Tesla’s design for Wardenclyffe grew out of his experiments beginning in the early s. His primary goal in these experiments was to develop a new wireless power transmission system. He discarded the idea of using the newly discovered Hertzian radio waves, detected in by German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz since Tesla doubted they existed and basic physics told him, and most other scientists from that period, that they would only travel in straight lines the way visible light did, meaning they would travel straight out into space becoming “hopelessly lost”.

He theorized from these experiments that if he injected electric current into the Earth at just the right frequency he could harness what he believed was the planet’s own electrical charge and cause it to resonate at a frequency that would be amplified in “standing waves” that could be tapped anywhere on the planet to run devices or, through modulation, carry a signal.

In this manner I was able to transmit to a distance, not only feeble effects for the purposes of signaling, but considerable amounts of energy, and later discoveries I made convinced me that I shall ultimately succeed in conveying power without wires, for industrial purposes, with high economy, and to any distance, however great. He believed he had achieved Earth resonance which, according to his theory, would work at any distance.

He had convinced his friend Robert Underwood Johnson , editor of The Century Magazine , to allow him to publish an article covering his work and Johnson had even sent a photographer to Colorado Springs the previous year to photograph Tesla’s experiments. Instead of the understandable scientific description Johnson had hoped for [10] it was more of a lengthy philosophical treatise where Tesla described his futuristic ideas on harnessing the sun’s energy, control the weather with electricity, wireless control, and how future inventions would make war impossible.

It also contained what were to become iconic images by photographer Dickenson Alley of Tesla and his Colorado Springs experiments. Tesla made the rounds in New York trying to find investors for his system of wireless transmission, wining and dining them at the Waldorf-Astoria ‘s Palm Garden the hotel where he was living at the time , The Players Club and Delmonico’s. Westinghouse seemed like a natural fit for the project given the large-scale AC equipment Westinghouse manufactured and Tesla’s need for similar equipment.

No investment was forthcoming from Havemeyer and Ryan but Astor did buy shares in Tesla’s company.

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November 9, at Talk about feeling totally unloved, lied too, deceived etc etc. Decided not a really cool thing to do. And developing your business. Right there with you hon!

Dating – New Love The rules and ways of dating have changed dramatically over the years. Prime Women share how they are navigating the dating scene today and finding new love after Prime Women share how they are navigating the dating scene today and finding new love after

And for kids, boring means one thing: This year, make sure your child’s lunch goes straight to her stomach—not the trash or someone else—by packing it with purpose. Keep the focus on fun and follow the guidelines below to create meals that are fresh, healthy and cost-effective. Bump up the color. Bright colors are the easiest way to increase the “wow” factor in your child’s lunch, says Catherine McCord, founder of Weelicious , a website filled with recipes the whole family will love.

It’s fun, inviting and, better yet, nutritious when the color comes from all-natural foods such as carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Have fun with shapes. She recommends using cookie cutters to pare down the size and add a little flair. Buy a range of cutters, using holiday shapes for Halloween and Christmas, and triangles, circles and small squares throughout the year.

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From those with the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel to the members of the Jane Austin book club, everyone has a couple of minutes to spare for a good comic. Born on newspapers, comic strips have featured largely mainstream topics due to the shackles of censorship. Niche after niche, every possible topic of interest is being made fun at by talented people. True, a lot of them tend not to be kid friendly or controversy free, but so is literature.

Care to join us? The Oatmeal The Oatmeal People go gaga over this one-man hilarity vending machine.

There are different types of cereals for you to choose such as rice, barley and oatmeal. Change some different menus to spice up your baby’s appetite. Besides, you can add some flavor, vegetable, nuts or fresh fruit to your baby’s meals.

Emotions often go crazy. Feelings of fear, uncertainty and panic start to flood. But it also happens to be the most powerful opportunity many of us are given when it comes to doing work we love — if used properly. The problem is that we tend to make awful decisions when grounded in fear. Long-term thinking flies out the window and we immediately start thinking survival. We need to change that.

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Peanut Butter is one of the most magical things in the universe. When G-d created the world, he made Eve, then Adam, then one polar bear, and then peanut butter. Saltines My Mom would make saltine-and-peanut-butter sandwiches for me and wrap them in tin foil and put them in my lunchbox. I wanted fruit roll-ups at the time, but I feel like she made the right choice for me because I was so young and confused. Life is confusing until you get used to it. Pancakes I went to a private elementary school for children whose parents thought they were super-geniuses like Mozart, so I had a lot of rich friends with crazy-big houses and enormous basements, chock-full with entertainment items like ping-pong tables and video game consoles.

Jan 24,  · What phases did you go through as a teenager? By Rubies Jan 24 and was the only one of my friend’s who was a virgin at the time I graduated. I started dating my husband in the middle of senior year, and he was a star football player who was also a bit of a goody-two shoes. I went through a total rebellious phase in high school. I dyed.

Grapes or raisins wheat and barley in the form of bread, cake or cereal Various nuts with the shells walnuts, almonds, pistachios, coconut , and fruits with peels oranges, pomegranates, avocado Other fruits with edible seeds e. Since insects are not kosher, check your fruits to make sure they are bug-free. Bugs are especially common in figs, dates, and dried apricots. To check, split the fruit in half and look carefully before eating. On Tu B’Shvat we offer instead the fruit of our lips, to praise God for all the fruit trees in the world.

Tu Bishvat marks a new period for taking tithes, a portion of which is given to the poor. When a person is privileged to eat in the presence of God, he must show his appreciation by giving charity to the poor and feeding them, just as God in His bounty feeds him. Zohar — Parshat Trumah At this point it is appropriate to pass around a ‘pushka’ to collect tzedakah. After the seder, the money should be donated to a worthy cause. This is the covenant of holiness, the covenant of peace — and the faithful enter into that kind and do not depart from it.

The Tzaddik generates, and the tree conceives and brings forth fruit of its kind. Zohar — Bereishit 33a Meditation: One should intend that he is eating at the celestial table before God, in the Garden of Eden before the Divine Presence.

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Actually, it is not easy to do this task. There are too many things to learn. A mother without any experience should learn baby feeding tips to become a good mother. The following are step-by-step instructions for mothers that provide them with an informative guide to feed a baby in 3 phases, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding and solid food feeding.

hazardous food is maintained at proper temperatures during various phases of processing. It is intended to enhance the surveyor’s understanding of the Food Code, and to promote the consistent application of related regulations as well as the survey protocol. Background.

By Deana Case The low residue diet is often part of a treatment plan for people experiencing digestive issues. This diet limits the intake of dietary fiber to reduce the frequency and amount of stools and to slow the intestinal transit time. Not only does a low residue diet restrict the intake of fiber, but also other foods that increase bowel activity such as milk products and prunes.

A typical low residue eating plan contains around 10 grams of fiber per day. Treatment for Health Conditions with The Low Residue Diet Certain health conditions can improve by slowing down digestive and bowel activity with restrictions of dietary fiber intake. Diverticulitis – Some people have small pouches called diverticulum in the colon that bulge through weak spots in the colon wall.

If the diverticulums become inflamed they cause the condition known as diverticulitis. Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation. Crohn’s Disease – A chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines.

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I feel absolutely awful right now. I wrote half a post last night, but I was feeling terrible–cold sweats, bad nausea, and I was so lethargic I could barely keep my eyes open. I didn’t think I was getting sick or anything, so I started wondering if it could be food poisoning; I hadn’t eaten anything that could possibly have triggered that, so that wasn’t right either.

The Mayo Clinic Diet makes a bold claim that, “you’ll shed six to ten pounds in two weeks, and continue losing one to two pounds a week until you reach your goal weight”.

May 3, by Amanda. The point is that she never misses a beat. But again, not the point. It really depends on how busy life gets. Those busy days where you end up running around like a headless chicken. I get it — I was the same way. Or at least, nothing bad. A fear of weight gain seems to be what holds most people back from cutting back on exercise — at least that was definitely the case for me.

This is all speculation, but I think what wound up happening was that the physical stress from exercise just ended up being too much for my body, exhausting my adrenal system, screwing with my hormones, and causing my my body to hold on to fat. I have a way easier time falling asleep and actually staying asleep. And if you think my current 5: I would get my workout in and then just want to be lazy for the rest of the day.

As with sleep, huge improvements here.

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