Sunset Overdrive weapon pack, Chaos Squad tweaks, and soundtrack available today

Share Save Insomniac Games’ third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive received a trailer for its eight-player cooperative multiplayer mode, Chaos Squad. In it, teams complete objectives during the day, then participate in tower defense-style battles at night. The Xbox One exclusive arrives October The higher your Chaos— the tougher your Night Defense is going to be, but you’ll get more chances to receive cool rewards at the end. The amount of Chaos you have will depend on which missions you voted for leading up to Night Defense. Take a mission with a lot of chaos to increase difficulty and potential rewards? Or take a mission with a team boost to make the group more likely you succeed? You drop off a grind rail, strut up to the nearest future photo booth, and enter. You’ll go straight into multiplayer with the same clothing, same amps, same everything as your character from the single-player campaign.

Sunset Overdrive Is Free for Xbox One Live Gold Subscribers for 24 Hours

The majority of the story is presented as a very tongue-in-cheek, 4th wall breaking experience. Loads of pop culture references, nods to common video game mechanics, and some general crudeness abound. I found the humor to be pretty hit or miss, with equal amounts of groaning mixed in with legitimate laughs. Clearly, the major focus is gameplay.

Achievements and Trophies of Sunset Overdrive. Steam Achievements. Sunset Overdrive. Overachiever. Overachiever. You earned an achievement. Oh the Horror! Oh the Horror! Survive Horror Night. Grind Kills. Survive Chaos Squad in the Old Factory District with at least Chaos. Chaos .

The following missions were in the game at one point, but removed during production. Some share names of missions in the final product. Voting screens for them can be seen in the video at the bottom of the page. Convoy Ambush – Destroy the Fizzco convoy before it reaches the radio tower. Each successful mission will add to this total, increasing the difficulty of Night Defense, but allowing for more potential rewards if the match is successful.

If there are fewer than 8 players in the higher difficulty districts, it is usually advisable to vote on lower value Chaos missions, depending on competency and confidence of the players or the additional bonuses granted. Rewards At the end of each match, each player may receive up to 5 rewards depending on their total score.

Sunset Overdrive: Chaos Squad details (8 Player Co

In terms of use in-game all the pre-order exclusives are better than the standard counterpart. I’m not going to stress too much on the stars of the weapon and instead focus on what the weapon is actually useful for, but if you must know exactly what the stars mean: I’ll also include some noteworthy weapon amps if they make an exceptionally good pairing otherwise it’s more or less personal preference.

Also note I am not taking into account bonuses against certain enemies or overall weapon bonuses from badges. Flaming Compensator – The Flaming Compensator is the first gun you get and it’s actually quite useful for awhile. Right off the bat it proves a nice method of killing large enemies that can be a little daunting at the beginning of the game, but you’ll have to use it in combination with Dirty Harry while the target is on fire.

Oct 27,  · Sunset Overdrive is colorful, loud, and sometimes dumb, but it’s also an absolute blast to play.

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Sunset Overdrive

Score at least 2, points in “Bomb Delivery 8”. Basketball Shoes Score 5 at least 1, points in “Smash Crates”. Breast Plate Score at least , points in “Excalamune Weapon”. Cowboy Hat Score at least 2, points in “Glider Challenge 4”. Floyd Shoes Score at least 1, points in “Glider Challenge 2”.

Should Sunset City ever feel a bit lonely, you can invite or join seven other human freaks and geeks and take part in Overdrive’s co-op multiplayer, called “Chaos Squad.”.

A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into a multitude of toxic mutants. Transform the open-world into your tactical playground by grinding, vaulting and wall-running across the city while using a devastating, unconventional arsenal. The story begins when a resident mega-corporation, Fizzco, hosts a massive release party for its hot new energy drink: The city is quarantined and morphs into a chaotic, mutant-infested Awesomepocalypse.

Soon, you realize a life of playing videogames, watching action movies, and reading comic books has given you the tools to become the hero Sunset City desperately needs. A vibrant and immersive open world Sunset Overdrive possesses a soul and style unlike any other shooter on the market — vibrant, irreverent, thrilling and explosive. Fast and explosive gameplay Sunset Overdrive immerses you in a pulse-pounding, frenetic action experience unlike any other.

With a vast arsenal of devastating weapons and insane parkour moves, you can jump, wall-run, grind, zipline and vault across the entire environment to build up your Style Meter and gain a tactical advantage on your enemies. Surrounded by mutants on all sides? Lure them away by firing delicious cans of Overcharge Delirium XT from the Captain Ahab, and then sit back and detonate an explosive teddy bear with the TNTeddy grenade launcher.

Sunset Overdrive

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, thanks to a huge corporate screw-up, Sunset Overdrive assaults your optic and auditory sensors with bright colored visuals as you go around the vastly open world of Sunset City, as well as explosively loud bangs, boings,and booms when killing enemies, bouncing off of objects such as awnings, umbrellas and cars, and just creating overall chaos in an already chaotic setting.

It felt extremely gratuitous in nature, and was just another action game. I smiled upon seeing this, and was extremely hyped. While a handful of action games veer towards the movie influence, this one is unabashed about being a video game.

Sunset Overdrive?s first content update is now live, bringing with it an assortment of fixes across the general game itself, missions, the 8-player Chaos Squad multiplayer mode, and vanity items.

It felt extremely gratuitous in nature and was just another action game. I smiled upon seeing this and was extremely hyped. While a handful of action games veer towards the movie influence, this one is unabashed about being a video game. Welcome to the Awesomepocalypse! It all starts from the moment you create your character.

Infinite well maybe not infinite, but a myriad of possibilities exist once you get to the character creation screen. Hammer pre-order bonuses FTW. The game pretty much dumps you into the action once you finalize your character, where you have to fight off the ODs the mutants created from the consumption of the Overdrive drink while bouncing and grinding around the town in order to retreat to your apartment, which puzzled me a little bit. It all made sense, however, once the flashback to the Overdrive Launch party, where the story ties itself together.

Slaying a dragon has never been this fun.

Review: Sunset Overdrive

In fact, I even named it as my most anticipated game for earlier in the year! Sunset Overdrive is a super-fuelled, colour-packed, grind and shoot amusement ride developed by the visionary team at Insomniac Games. The visuals alone are awe-inspiring, with an injection of punk rock edge unlike any other games in the market today. Exaggerated jumps and acrobatic shoe-grinding traversals are your winning ticket around the bright metropolis of Sunset City, which is notably filled with outrageous characters who are larger than life.

So what is this Chaos Squad mode in Sunset Overdrive? It is an eight player co-op mode where players will enter in wearing all of their gear from the solo game and vote on which missions that the group will tackle. Then all the players will be able to run around the open world killing all of the.

Email The Sunset Overdrive reviews are now flooding in like a tidal wave of Overcharge Delirium XT, and for the most part they are highly positive. This is not a shooter that rewards you for being a fast-twitch master of the controller, but it will reward you for killing in style. To do so you have to master the traversal-based gameplay early on in the game to take advantage of the style meter and the environment that is designed to promote a non-standard approach to the crowded open-world shooter genre.

For any chance of success you must fight from the sky by grinding on the various rails placed throughout Sunset City while also using objects like cars and awnings to bounce to new heights to continue building the style meter. By filling the style meter you can then unleash devastating attacks due to the amps you can equip to your weapons and person, which increase your attacks and offer additional bonuses. These events really help to get the controls down while under duress, which is key to being successful with some of the later missions that require precise traversal maneuvers combined with deadly accuracy to be successful.

Never stop moving This tip plays into the first one perfectly. Again, Sunset Overdrive is not your traditional open-world shooter. Fighting from the ground only ensures death, so embrace the sky and get used to doing your dirty work while grinding on rails high above the action. The only way to build up the style meter to unleash more powerful attacks is to keep moving by bouncing to new heights, switching between hanging on rails and riding them, and constantly jumping between other rails and items to bounce on to keep your style meter happy.

The hordes of mutants, scabs, and Fizzco bots will fall in droves on the streets of Sunset City if you keep to the sky and do so with enough flair to make an X-Games participant jealous of your nasty tricks and abilities. Upgrade Overdrives and Weapons Overdrives are passive abilities that unlock when you perform certain actions masterfully. For example, if you become proficient with grinding and use it extensively, you will unlock Overdrives that provide buffs for grinding that can increase your style meter more quickly.

If you take a liking to murdering mutants you can enhance the damage you levy on them, as well as upping your defense against their attacks.

Sunset Overdrive review: It’s my party

Sunset Overdrive hands-on preview Insomniac Games’ hyperactive Xbox One shooter is one of E3’s most colourful and compelling games. Sunset Overdrive is due to be released on Xbox One on 28 October. Sunset Overdrive is the hyperactive, colour-saturated shooter from Insomniac Games, them of Resistance and Ratchet and Clank. You can see the heritage of both. You are one of the last survivors of Sunset City, a bubbly seaside town now overrun with hideous monsters that were brought into being by a dodgy energy drink.

Still, if you don’t get your fill of Night Defence offline, then you should check out Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad online. Accessed via numerous photo booths in single-player, Chaos Squad is an eight player, round-based co-operative mode with competitive score chasing.

Report a Problem Introduction: A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into toxic mutants. For many it’s the end of the world, but for you it’s a dream come true. Transform the openworld into your tactical playground by grinding, vaulting and wall-running across the city while using a devastating, unconventional arsenal. With hyper-agility, unique weapons, and customizable special abilities, Sunset Overdrive rewrites the rules of traditional shooters and delivers an explosive, irreverent, stylish, and totally unique adventure exclusively to Xbox One.

Welcome to the Awesomepocalypse: Sunset Overdrive is set in the fictional American metropolis Sunset City.

Sunset Overdrive Multiplayer Chaos Squad Part 1