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Yuhuuuuu Ini ff Woogyu pertama gue , jadi mian kalo feel sama chemistrynya ga dapet, maklum namanya juga ff debut! Hha ini gue ngetiknya ngebut sejam , cihuyy Oiya ini ff terinspirasi dari lagunya Taylor Swift dengan judul sama, awalnya in ff myungyeol cumin gue ubah jadi woogyu. Hhe mian kalo jelek ,typo berserakan, alurnya kecepetan trus ga nyambung. Itu semua dikarenakan gue juga manusia biasa yang tak luput dai salah dan dosa. Hha Happy reading and no bashing! Dia ini adalah teman baikku sejak kecil , rumah kami berseblahan sehingga aku err bisa dibilang sangat dekat dengannya. Lihat saja kamar kami yang berseblahan ini, sehingga kami sering berkomunikasi disini tanpa harus melalui telepon atau sms. Woohyun ini adalah namja yang sangat popular di sekolah, bahkan sudah sejak kami duduk di bangku taman kanak-kanak.

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Yesterday I said I was going home because I was tired. Sometimes Sungjong swore Woohyun was like a 15 year old kid instead of a 28 year old grown man. He liked it, it was a nice place, and the people there weren’t that bad either. At least so he was convinced, until he got back home that day and saw some moving boxed at the entrance.

Hello! I’d like to request a Myungsoo scenario were you are a trainee and your 17 but you lie to him saying that you’re And he finds out just before the debut when your information is posted on the internet (youre in a girl group) so he breaks up with you.

Link With the confirmation of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s relationship last night, netizens are taking another look at the organization that spread rumors saying they were dating several months ago and trying to evaluate the truth behind some of their other rumors as well. These are just rumors spread by the same people that predicted LBH and LMJ’s relationship, so take them as what you will.

Some say that it’s controlled by reporters or government officials wanting to create headlines for their own benefits hiding scandals, creating scandals, diverting attention, etc , but I don’t know much more than that. Others claim it’s spread by word of mouth from staff of the industry. I do see their rumors come up in the news often but they use too much anonymity to make much use of it.

I will not go back for the old ones unless confirmed recently. Famous actor ‘A’, who’s notorious for not letting any co-star actress out of his grips, has been rumored to have messed with ‘B’. Because of their vast age difference, even industry officials were initially suspicious when they heard about it, but ‘A’ did indeed manage to win over ‘B’. As it turned out, ‘B’ was actually quite the player herself and they spent an “enjoyable night” together without any restrictions.

The arrogance of actress ‘I’ is said to be able to reach the sky. She was recently chosen as a drama lead and has raised issues with the drama’s title, reasoning that the drama is about her character’s growth so it should include her character’s name. She came up with 20 or so titles herself and texting them to all of the staff, which have all been promptly ignored.

Infinite (band)

The group entered the Music Bank K-chart for the first time. Infinite made their comeback with their first single album Inspirit. In the music charts, the group finally ran from the top 30 to the top 40, and also went up to the top 10 in the Music Bank K-chart. Their first studio album Over The Top was released on July 21 along with the music video of their title track “Be Mine”.

Smutfinite is your number one source for Infinite rated scenarios, read over , times! myungsoo. sungjong. couples. Dating Dongwoo would be like: #infinite scenario #dongwoo scenario #dongwoo smut #dating dongwoo #infinite smut #question #dongwoo. ddalgichakyeon liked this.

Before I start with episode 1 first this: The numbers they got shows the number of the ranking done by fans. So number 1 — Woohyun is the favorite among fans. After a lottery they have a room date to get each other know a little bit better. And after introduction they made couples for lunch. Whats the best why to describe how I felt while watching this? Embarrass while I giggled the whole time. It had a feeling of gay dating show. Not that, that would be bad, I like yaoi, and this was like story becoming alive.

After seeing one video on YouTube, I had a feeling who will be a lunch couple even before they start to choose. I was right, they had room date, now they have lunch date. And I will keep my eyes on them. And now before next episode I have a feeling like waiting for the next chapter of my favorite yaoi fiction. Namu spreading his greasiness all over the place.

Kim myungsoo

Right across the face. There had been rumors going around that infinites L was seeing someone ,and when you saw an article stating that there was video proof you thought you two had been caught. Once you opened the video though it was something completely different to what you were expecting.

Sungjong doesn’t think he’s seen Myungsoo in anything but black. Though, he couldn’t lie, he did look pretty good in it.. Though, he couldn’t lie, he did look pretty good in it.. Sungjong threw himself on the nearby couch and sighed, wondering if he might have been a little too tough on the guy.

Share Infinite is a K-pop group under Woollim Entertainment. The group received notable awards and recognition. Over time, Infinite has become a popular band since their debut. Now on their sixth year in the music industry, they still strive to aim for the best. Woohyun Woohyun had a girlfriend and it was revealed by a listener who called up the show of DJ Cultwo. He added that having a girlfriend is not yet his priority and he is still contented with the love his fans give him.

The rumors sparked when the two were caught shopping for groceries. Doyeong also confirmed their relationship on a television interview.


Same set of words. His mother always told him to use his talents wisely. Myungsoo shows Sungjong the other side of life, where the grass is greener. But the train was too fast, way too fast….

MP3 Песни в kbps: Myungsoo ft. Sungjong – I Temporarily INFINITE ‘MAN IN LOVE’ D – 7 Teaser (SUNGJONG Ver.) SungYeol &amp Second Invasion Evolution – Dating You (Myungsoo Solo) AUDIO ONLY.

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Walking Dead (Part 9)

Yaaa myung minta suzy kenalkan aku dengan temannya!! Sementara didalam ruang ganti dibalik panggung, member infinite tengah mengembalikan energi mereka. Astaga bora-bora itu surganya dunia! Kapal feri yang mereka tumpangi seketika ramai ketika 7 namja korea itu menaikinya. Kita benar makan disini? Kau mengambil fotoku lagi eoh?

biancahagos. I can’t sleep last night so I decided to make this. lol. I’ve read all of these fics and just wanted to share it to you guys. it’s kinda long.

Romance, Comedy, smut Summary: Sungjong overhears Sunggyu and Woohyun going at it, but is confused. He decides to go to his most trusted hyungs, Myungsoo and Hoya, and ask them about what he just heard. Myungsoo and Hoya both like Sungjong, and take advantage of this. Sungjong suddenly woke up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He smacked his lips together, throat and mouth dry. He was thirsty and decided to get up and get some water. He sat in his bed for a bit before finally moving the sheets off his body.

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Are you really so close to Kim Dae Yoen..? Another members looks to be anxious. Even after seeing her pictures. You guys have met personally with Dae Yeon..?

Myungsoo smiled faintly see the other members laughing together. They’re celebrating their success in the last 1 month, managed to occupy the highest rank all of the charts in Korea. Even their group – Infinite-position won Album of the Year version of the World Music Awards.

Sungyeol terbangun, dilihatnya malaikat berkulit putih disampingnya. Kim Myungsoo atau sering dikenal dengan L. Dengan cepat ia segera berteriak. Dilihatnya Sungyeol menutupi tubuhnya dengan selimut. A-apa yang kau lakukan disini? Bagaimana mungkin aku mau bercinta dengan namja. Apa kau tidak berpikir? Aku ini masih normal dan masih menyukai yeoja. Myungsoo yang mendengar pernyataan itu membulatkan matanya. Ia tak percaya dengan apa yang dikatakan Sungyeol barusan.

Ia sangat sakit hati.

L (Myungsoo ) and Sungjong Infinite Ideal Type update 2017