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The following information was originally posted at polygamyinfo. It is reposted here as a research resource. Note from Apologetics Index: The vast majority of groups listed are offshoots of the Mormon Church. The following list of polygamous sects is not exhaustive. See also the Polygamy Leadership Tree. Although our information gathering may be informal, it does come directly from the mouths of those who have been there. We have also spoke to some Utah State officials who agree behind closed doors, that the true figures are closer to that of thousand polygamists in the State of Utah alone. Jeffs recently died leaving his son, Warren Jeffs Who has already over 50 wives as the leader of 11, to 16, members. Rulon Jeffs—married 22 women, fathered more than 60 children.

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Latter-day Saints A Modest Defense of Polygamy Polygamy is sinful, but living in a pluralistic society demands we tolerate some practices we believe to be wrong. For almost four decades in the 19th century, the Mormon community officially sanctioned polygamy the more common term among Mormons is “plural marriage”. But Mormon polygamy never really disappeared. Splinter groups of Mormon “fundamentalists” have continued to practice plural marriage. And now the subject is in the news because one of these dissidents–an outspoken husband of at least five wives–is being tried as a criminal for his polygamous lifestyle.

Mainstream LDS members would rather not have the spotlight aimed at their own past sanction of plural marriage.

The Beginnings of Plural Marriage in the Church Polygamy had been permitted for millennia in many cultures and religions, but, with few exceptions, it was rejected in Western cultures. In Joseph Smith’s time, monogamy was the only legal form of marriage in the United States.

I knew he had three children. Cannon [2] ” Question: What do we know about whether or not Joseph Smith fathered any children by his plural wives? While the record is frustratingly incomplete regarding sexuality, it does little but tease us when we consider whether Joseph fathered children by his plural wives While the record is frustratingly incomplete regarding sexuality, it does little but tease us when we consider whether Joseph fathered children by his plural wives. Fawn Brodie was the first to consider this question in any detail, though her standard of evidence was depressingly low.

Subsequent authors have returned to the problem, though unanimity has been elusive see Table 1. Ironically, Brodie did not even mention the case of Josephine Lyon, now considered the most likely potential child of Joseph. Did Joseph Smith produce any children by his plural wives?: The resolution of this question was difficult to resolve until the appropriate DNA analysis techniques become available.

The case of Josephine Fisher relied on a deathbed conversation:

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Advertisement Nothing says “pick-me-up” like another loveless, shattered family. So, after a tough few months, my sister and her husband came to me and said I should marry her husband and be part of their family. They call us sister-wives, which is supposed to symbolize how tight the relationship between plural wives should be. In reality, men use the term as an excuse, figuring, “Hell, the word ‘sister’ is right there — why not just fuck the whole family?

The Bible and the Book of Mormon teach that the marriage of one man to one woman is God’s standard, except at specific periods when He has declared otherwise. 1. In accordance with a revelation to Joseph Smith, the practice of plural marriage—the marriage of one man to two or more women—was instituted among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the early s.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Though I am a devotional speaker rather than a lecturer on an academic subject, I am going to make that same attempt today. I begin with a story I heard many years ago at the inauguration of a university president. It illustrates the importance of timing in university administration. One university president had come to the end of his period of service, and another was just beginning.

As a gesture of goodwill, the wise outgoing president handed his young successor three sealed envelopes. Two years later he faced another serious challenge to his leadership. He opened the second envelope and read:

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Mormons And Polygamy Admin September, 30th Comments Views In this article we are going to offer you all the information you need about Mormons and polygamy, this way you can better understand both phenomenon and practices. The polygamy is also known as plural marriages and it means that a man can have two or more wives at the same time. The official message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints says that there are no active contemporary members that are practicing it.

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Email Is America ready to elect a Mormon as president? It’s a question a lot of people have been asking, ever since Mormon Mitt Romney announced his run for the White House. The former Massachusetts governor placed first in Iowa’s straw poll a couple weeks back, and continues to have a strong showing in a number of national polls. Kenneth Woodward To get a better sense of Romney’s religion, and how it is perceived around the country, we posed our 10 Questions to Kenneth L.

Woodward, who served as religion editor of Newsweek for 38 years and is currently writing a book on American religion since How does Mormonism differ from other branches of Christianity?

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Kolob or no Kolob. Internal issues of Mormon Authority — 2Pet 1: External issues of Mormon Authority: Though many archaeologists LDS and secular have tried and tried, still not one monetary unit or civilization, city, people etc has been found in any of the sites mentioned in the Book of Mormon b.

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So the time is ripe to ask what advantages polygamy has over monogamy. Although plural marriage is banned in developed countries, it is surprisingly common, and popular, elsewhere with 55 percent of women sharing their husbands in Benin and an average of 16 percent of women doing so in less developed nations 2. Polygamy may be detested in developed countries but it is practiced to some degree in most societies studied by anthropologists. What did polygamy do for the Obamas and the Romneys that they could not accomplish with monogamy?

Studies in animal behavior show that polygynous mating systems i. First, there may be a scarcity of adult males. Second, some males may have much better genes than others which is particularly important for populations where there is a heavy load of diseases and parasites to which resistance is genetically heritable. Third, females do better by sharing a mate who defends a good territory with plenty of food and cover than they would by opting to be the single mate in a bad territory.

So much for birds! Do humans choose polygamy for similar reasons?

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March 18, at Between — — Joseph marries Fanny Alger. Though a member of the 1st Presidency, Rigdon never accepted the teaching of plural marriage.

Polygamy, Courtship, and Dating. April 13, by Kaimi. The problem with public statements of LDS leaders on polygamy (in my humble opinion) is that pretty much nothing they said on the subject from to was truthful. Steve E. says: April 13, at pm.

What did I know about these things? I’m a Turkish immigrant, for God’s sake! I definitely didn’t think that by dating this seemingly conservative girl from a supposedly strict family, that I would be on the verge of deviating from what was socially acceptable into a lifestyle that was so taboo that it was banned in every state of the Union. I had heard about the large family that Julia had, including her 11 sisters, but I just thought that she was Catholic or something.

Religion hadn’t come up much, especially since I hadn’t seen the inside of a mosque in a dozen years. I was about as Muslim as half of the Muslims in and from Turkey: There was nothing more to it, unless you counted the mandatory circumcision, and I don’t recall that since happened to me so young. We were at ASU, which was a very nice campus indeed, but certainly diverse enough that I had met some Mormons. They were official LDS, however.

They seemed very polite and friendly, but rather dull to my point of view.

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Some concerns have surfaced about the history of the Church and of Joseph Smith. Is there a way to still be a faithful believer? Before I address those five common concerns, let me start with a fictional conversation that will hopefully help you notice a pattern that the Lord has established. Imagine you had the following conversation with a friend.

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To anyone who thinks that mormonism is a Christian, you could not be more wrong. The mormon cult teaches a completely different Jesus Christ and a Completely different God to that of the Christian religion. Those are just 2 of many many reasons why mormonism is a cult. And for anyone who has an honest desire to understand the definition of a cult…. At that point, you begin to realize that a true working definition for a religion versus a working definition for a cult is not that straightforward.

However, the differences between the 2 become very clear when you understand the hallmarks of a cult and those hallmarks are what clearly define a cult. Religions create their doctrines as a result of scriptural research and interpretation. That is not the case with cults. This is a consistent tactic with all cults and that is how many cults have come into being claiming to be denominations of existing religions. In the case of mormonism, even the book of mormon does not support mormon teachings and doctrines.

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We occasionally speculate about what would happen if the church officially began to practice polygamy again. This assumes a lot of things, like anti-polygamy laws being struck down. Mardell has consistently stated that she would not like polygamy, but that if it had to be done, she thinks that she would be able to tolerate it.

On reflection, I think that I could probably tolerate it as well. It would certainly be really, really weird.

Dating is probably one of the most common questions people have about Mormons—especially if you’re interested in dating one! Mormon teenagers are instructed not to date until they are at least 16 years old, and then are encouraged to avoid dating the same person too seriously.

Can you tell me about the basics of dating and courtship for Mormons? Basic information on this topic is provided in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism , Vol. Members of the Church are somewhat distinctive in their dating and courtship practices, but they are also influenced by broader cultural patterns. In some cultures, parents still closely supervise courtship and arrange children’s marriages, but youth worldwide have increasing choices in dating and mate selection.

For most young people in the United States outside the Church, dating begins at an early age about age thirteen during the s ; it has no set pattern of progression, and is often informal and unsupervised. These contemporary dating patterns form a social context that influences somewhat the majority of LDS youth. However, although courtship patterns change and vary across cultures, there is quite a conservative pattern for dating and courtship among Latter-day Saints in Western nations. It is expected that LDS youth will not begin dating until the age of sixteen.

Serious, steady dating and marriage-oriented courtship are expected to be delayed longer, perhaps until after a mission for males and after completing high school for females.

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