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Posted by jackcrevelle, Community Contributor Posted by jackcrevelle, Community Contributor Posted by jackcrevelle, Community Contributor Good yellowfin tuna catches are being made at the Washington Canyon. Bigeye tuna are being caught at both the Washington and Norfolk Canyons. Billfish action remains good but scattered up and down the line. We have not had anybody go out and catch 20 plus bills in a day yet. It has been mostly a few per boat but the variety is good allowing for possible grand slams. Dolphin fishing remains good. The wahoo bite has really turned on and anglers targeting them are having good success from Virginia on down to Morehead City. Amberjack are still available at the southern towers. Amberjack and jack crevalle are possible over some of the ocean wrecks and there should be some at the Chesapeake Light Tower.

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Sailfish Because of its abundance of billfish, and sailfish in particular, fishing in Guatemala has become the destination of choice for fly-fishing for sailfish for both novices and experienced. The ratio of hook-up to raises when fly-fishing for sailfish is significantly lower than when fishing for them and other billfish on conventional tackle — and so more raises is a particularly attractive feature to those who want to try to catch their first sailfish on the fly.

Guatemala is blessed with calm waters in the fishing season, and strong currents from Mexico bring with them an abundance of sailfish that feed on them aggressively. When fly-fishing for sailfish in Guatemala, the novice fly-fisherman can expect some short instruction dockside before the boats leaves the dock — explaining the procedure in some detail of how to time the cast and importantly the signals and direction he can expect to hear from the Captain on the bridge.

Fly-fishing for billfish is a team enterprise, and this instruction is one of the most important elements of success when out on the water.

Feb 09,  · When on the Boat we use a Crimping Press, as we are Tournament fishing for Blue Marlin and Tuna. So Knots do not work even in # Class. On the Beach any thing over 30# is over kill on our Beaches. Unless you are Sharkin. Just like a preference in Hook styles. My hook up ratio is running at % Loss ratio.. 0% 2ct. Pup. Adam.

Weighed a blue marlin, released a blue marlin, 3 white marlin, and a spearfish, for a grand slam and took 3rd place overall! We lure fished the whole time and the raise: The first day we were chugging along with lures out and I look onto my right side Squidnation teaser and theres a rat blue marlin. Throw a pitch bait and as the pitch bait hits the water, I see a second blue marlin on my left teaser.

Theres a pair of blue marlins on my teasers and they wont bite a ballyhoo pitch bait on a circle hook, so I lift the teasers out of the water and both blue marlins hookup on the plugs beside the teasers. I put her in a circle and start clearing my stuff and my long rigger hooks up. Crank in the other longrigger and a blue marlin is chasing that that bait but fades in and out and no hookup.

I didn’t have time to mess with him though because I have 3 blue marlins hooked up going separate directions.

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Advanced Search Abstract Determining what animals eat is simultaneously challenging and yet also critical for ecologists, fisheries scientists, and resource managers. The tools of trophic ecology have expanded considerably in the last half century in pursuit of this goal. In this study, we combined stomach contents, stable isotope, and fatty acid analyses to investigate trophic patterns in three species of highly mobile, pelagic predators: We were particularly interested in examining individual diet specialization among these species.

Catch-and-release and size limit regulations for blue, white, and striped marlin: the role of postrelease survival in effective policy design William E. Pine III, Steven J.D. .

Related West Coast crews have perfected the art of catching big wahoo from long-range boats. You’ll need a high-speed reel, jigging stick and a stockpile of iron. Photos courtesy of Jason Fleck, Excel Sportfishing. To locate packs of wahoo, boats will troll Marauders at high speeds. Once the trolling rods go off, the boat is put in neutral, and the casting crew starts flinging out irons and wahoo ‘bombs.

If you’re not ready for it, you just might miss the big bite. Angler Yacoob Vahed showcases his arsenal of wahoo weaponry. Most of the irons weigh in at about 10 ounces or more and come in a range of flashy colors. This homemade wahoo bomb has done it’s job well. After taking a beting from the razor-like teeth on wahoo, it lives to fish again.


George Beckwith at Everyone slept in at Los Suenos. At noon, I picked up Jeff and his dad Ken. Berto, Marcos and James were already loaded on the boat and scratching their head as to where I was going to put all the food and gear I was unloading out of the van. The plan was to make it to the Furuo in time for some deep dropping groupers and live baiting for giant cubera snapper, maybe even a shot at a black marlin and for sure plenty of sails along the way, but it seemed that the fish had taken the whole day off.

Latest Fish Report – IGFA Tournament (5/15/) [Cabo San Lucas,BJ] We had a big tournament this week, the IGFA World Offshore Championship; This year hook up ratio for the event was of % with a total of billfish released – striped marlin, 6 sailfish, 2 blue marlin and 2 swordfish.

New methods that can greatly improve your hookup ratio By Peter Pakula posted May 26th, at 8: There are lots of lure trollers who average more than 85 percent; some are even close to percent, as they hook just about every fish that strikes. They pay more attention to the hooks and the way they rig the lure so they can greatly improve their hookup ratios. The correct hookset, swivel rig and keel weighting produce a well-balanced lure that performs well in nearly any sea condition. Think of it this way: The fastest jet in the world, the X , reaches speeds of only 4, mph.

Trolling lures with some control seems to be a daunting task when you factor in a bit of turbulence, wind chop and swell.


References to these sources are provided as far as possible. Production sectorThe fishery sector has for decades been playing an important role as a major supplier of animal protein to the Malaysian population. In the total fishery production of the country amounted to 1 tonnes. The fisheries are generally considered to consist of two major components, namely marine capture fisheries and aquaculture.

The greatest bulk of the fish landings has always come from the capture fisheries, constituting Production from the inland fisheries is small, standing at around 0.

Mexico Fishing Report. MAINLAND MEXICO: Back to the drawing board in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo And then there is no guarantee the fly angler will get a hook up. We have been doing that again, so the good times may be returning.” “It was a smaller blue marlin at about pounds or so. For a total of 28 charters there was the 1 blue marlin.

Comments Blue marlin are apex predators in the oceans of the world. Anglers have prized these amazing fish for hundreds of years for those same attributes. Two different subspecies of blue marlin are known to exist: They readily consume a wide variety of prey items, mostly consisting of small tunas but also deepwater squid, bottom fish and other available forage. Anglers usually encounter blue marlin by trolling lures, rigged dead bait or live bait in deep water, and the fights are memorable, usually punctuated by long, streaking surface runs and aerial acrobatics like tail-walking across the surface.

With the exception of a handful of tournaments, or for food consumption in some island locations, most recreationally caught blue marlin are released to fight again. Due in part to this catch and release ethic, the Pacific and Atlantic blue marlin stocks remain in relatively good shape around the world. Makaira nigricans Found in tropical and warm temperate oceanic waters worldwide Blue marlin have a tall, anteriorly pointed dorsal fin and similarly pointed anal fin , unlike white marlin, whose dorsal and anal fins are rounded.

The pectoral fins may be folded along the body, unlike black marlin whose pectoral fins remain rigid. Marlin are hatched from eggs and begin life as tiny fish , growing rapidly each year. Much larger species of blue marlin have been caught by commercial fishing operations or anglers not in accordance with IGFA rules. The largest blue marlin are all females, with males rarely exceeding pounds. Blue marlin weighing over 1, pounds are known as granders.

Blue Marlin Fishing Tips Blue marlin can be caught using a wide variety of fishing techniques.

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Contact Blue Marlin One of the most prized of all sportfishing catches, blues are known for their size and strength. Potentially growing to weights in excess of pounds, the blue marlin is truly the king of its domain and literally feeds on the other sportfishing species. Their reel smoking runs and the feeling that you are hooked to a dump truck are what makes sportfishing adrenaline junkies want a shot at these giants.

Blue marlin are usually not found in groups so getting one to show up in your bait spread is not a common occurrence so it can be necessary for anglers to specifically target them with large baits and teasers.

Hooking success (the ratio of hook-ups to strikes) was greatest for in-line J-hooks fished actively, and lowest for passively fished offset J-hooks and circle hooks. Trout hooking Hooking damage (hook location and bleeding level) was found to be related to mortality and was also related to hook type.

As I sit here at the computer on Sunday morning we actually have a nice breeze outside and there was no need to use the air conditioner last night! I am not sure if that is a good thing for the fishing or not, but it sure feels good. Since the rest of the week was hot and humid this is appreciated. Since I am fishing today I am not sure if I appreciate what it might be doing to the water!

For the rest of the week we had partly cloudy skies in the late part of the week and sunny skies at the beginning, with our nighttime lows in the low 80’s and the daytime highs in the mid to high 90’s. The surface conditions on both sides of the Cape have been great with swells slight at feet and water temperatures warm. On the Cortez side the water has been between 84 and 87 degrees and almost deep blue.

On the Pacific side to the north of the 1, fathom line the temperature was below 82 degrees at the end of the week but had been 85 degrees earlier, and not quite as clean as on the Cortez side, but still a lot better than we had been having several weeks ago! There were more Blue Marlin caught this week than during any week so far this year, and a few of them were reported to be nice sized fish! The ones I know of personally were in the to pound range but I was told of several that would have been in the pound class didn’t see them myself.

Add in a decent bite on Striped Marlin up to 4 per day per boat, for the lucky anglers as well as a scattering of Sailfish and the fishing was good.

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In addition to this, mackerel, sharks and other pelagic species frequent these sheltered waters rounding up and busting into bait balls being a regular occurrence during the summer months Visit his site http: Because of their large size and strength, catching marlin demands the use of quality tackle kept in good repair. Trolling with lures and trolling with baits – either live or dead – and fishing at anchor or from a drifting boat with baits, live or dead, accounts for over 90 per cent of the marlin taken in our waters.

The best lures are Konahead-style skirted heads that run freely on the leader or trace.

With that idea in mind, one of the top blue marlin Captains in the world recommended to Steve years ago that a single stiff hook way back in the skirt with the point facing down into the skirt was the best bet.

I can see the bimini and Yucatan knot would be OK, but what knot do you tie the hook on with lb. I bought both the big and small nail knot tool for doing that. I was only using the small one, but I got the big one not too long ago and it makes tying the knots extremely easy, and they’re very well tied knots that I’m confident in. The thing you have to remember above all is to use what you know you can tie well, and that you have confidence in.

If I tie a crappy knot, or one that I think might be crappy, I cut it and start over. I’d rather lose minutes tying a new knot rather than losing a nice fish because my knot crapped out. Do you ever have issues with over crimping and damaging the line in the barrel where you may not see. With the different size line and crimp barrels is it just experience. I’ve had store bought rigs in the past where line has been over crimped and broke, or been under crimped and simply pulled apart.

Now for my rigs I use the snell, except for line of and up I like the reverse snell.

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I have seen days when pink gets turned down. Include some mylar flash to get extra use out of the fly as the feathers will break down quicky. DO NOT use to much material because that can cause the hook rigs to be fowled in the fly and reduce your hook up ratio. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Threadfin Herring Fly These bait fish are also known as Greenbacks.

The average hook up ratio is only about one hook up for every four attacks and it often takes lighter tackle to get the job done. But when you do get one on be prepared for an awe inspiring display of aerobatics and flashing beautiful colors.

Reporting for the Gaviota Sportfishing and Fish Cabo fleets, Larry Edwards said Cabo had another very interesting fishing week in the very hot weather. The billfish counts were a catch ratio and the Gaviota VIII, skippered by Captain Juan Dominguez, was high boat for the week with 3 billfish for 3 days fished. Overall fish counts for 24 outings resulted in 12 stripers with 3 released, 10 dorado, 2 roosterfish, and 65 yellowfin tuna.

With an overall catch success rate of 86 percent, Tracy Ehrenberg said her Pisces Fleet finally started getting into the marlin. We had a pretty impressive week for blues, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time. Six in total for Pisces anglers, even though there are very few anglers in town,” she said. Their second and third day 31 tuna, and on their fourth day to top it all 2 blue marlin up to pounds and 2 striped marlin were released onboard the Bill Collector.

A few more examples of improving marlin numbers include a pound blue marlin caught at the Herrradura on a blue and white lure aboard the Adriana, the Ruthless scored with a pound blue marlin and 13 yellowfin tuna at Las Destiladeras and many other boats had billfish counts as well. Striped marlin were active, making this species the most frequently caught of the billfish family, with weights up to pounds.

Ehrenberg said tuna catches were good this past week with forty percent of her boats catching from 1 to 30 fish, although on the small side at less than 20 pounds each. Cedar plugs were the best method to get a hook up but other lures worked too. Just one dorado was caught this past week.

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